Instagram To Add An Affiliate Program, Keyword Muting In DMs & More

Instagram AH NS 09

The latest report by XDA suggests Instagram will soon add a bunch of new features to the app. Notably, it is working on an affiliate program, specific keyword muting in direct messages, and other features for the Instagram app.

All this information was shared by Android developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi. Alessandro shared a series of screenshots highlighting the new features.

Facebook-owned Instagram keeps updating its application with new features. These new features are meant to improve the overall experience of the user of the social media application.


The affiliate marketing program, which the company is reportedly working on, will benefit the millions of influencers on the platform. It will allow them to monetize their content on the Instagram app.

Apparently, the affiliate program setting will appear under the Creator section of the app. Users can sign up for this program by following a few simple steps.

It is nice to see Instagram working on different features that will help the content creators on the app because they have a stronghold on their niche. However, do note that it may not be available for everyone at launch.


Keyword muting feature in direct messages can be found under the Privacy section

Apart from this, Instagram is also working on a “Content controls” setting option. This will allow users to mute specific keywords in their direct messages. This feature will be accessible via the Privacy section of the app.

Users can simply add the words they want to mute in their DMs. The platform will then automatically block the messages with those specific keywords. Moreover, users will be able to apply keyword muting to all accounts or a particular account.

This would definitely help many users, as there have been constant reports of bullying and stalking on the platform. Users can simply block all the messages containing those specific keywords and keep their accounts clutter-free.


Furthermore, as per the information shared by Paluzzi, Instagram is also working on Brightness.AI. This post-editing option would likely allow users to adjust the brightness of their Instagram posts automatically.

But that’s about all the information that we have at the moment regarding this Brightness.AI feature. All the above-mentioned features are currently under development.

Meaning that there is no concrete evidence of whether these features will make their way to the app or not. Besides, there is no official word from Instagram regarding their release. So, stay tuned to Android Headlines to keep yourself updated about this development.