Huawei Is Working On Its Own Alternative To Gmail

AH Huawei Google logo 2

Huawei is reportedly working on a new email platform, called Petal Mail, as an alternative to Google’s Gmail, reports suggest.

After the US ban took place, keeping Google services from the company, Huawei started developing its own operating system, called Harmony OS.

Now, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is testing and receiving feedback for its Petal Mail service. It will be Gmali’s alternative and work natively on Harmony OS.


The Petal Mail is in the testing phase, and users can register to receive it through this address. You will be given a @petalmail.com address with an opportunity to send feedback for Huawei.

According to the leaked screenshot from the app environment, it has a minimal interface. With two-columns and items like Inbox, Starred, Draft, Sent, Trash, and Spam, It resembles Gmail in some ways.

Huawei is trying to develop a new ecosystem

Despite all the difficulties, Huawei and the Donald Trump administration’s conflicts provided an excellent opportunity for the Chinese OEM to start developing exclusive platforms.


Recently, a Canadian source reported that BlackBerry sold 90 key smartphone patents to Huawei. This is not news that we can easily ignore. Because Huawei is still under US sanctions and even Biden’s administration is unlikely to remove or reduce restrictions. Using BlackBerry patents is a great chance for Huawei to make its OS richer.

Petal Mail is not the first stand-alone app for Harmony OS. Huawei previously introduced some other alternatives like Huawei Mobile Services (alternative to Google Mobile Services), AppGallery (alternative to Play Store), and Petal Maps (alternative to Google Maps).

Huawei even started working on its virtual currency called Petals. There isn’t much information about this currency yet, but it costs almost $0.0015 for now.


Huawei enters new segments of business

US sanctions made Huawei rethink its business areas and look for new segments to diversify the revenue streams. Being under sanctions for over two years has been significant damage to the company’s financial situation.

Huawei is well aware that it can not rely on smartphones and tablets as the only source of revenue. That’s why the Chinese OEM is entering new segments of business like pig farming and coal mining. Huawei plans to act as the technology provider for such companies to enhance their efficiency and safety.

Electric vehicle (EV) is another market that Huawei wants to step into. Recently, Reuters reported that Huawei is planning to launch an EV under its brand.