"Hey Facebook" Is Your New Portal, Occulus Quest Wake Word

Facebook Portal Light Duo October 8 2018

Facebook has added a new wake word for voice interactions — namely, “Hey Facebook” — to its Portal-branded smart home displays. That’s according to recent reports citing an update to the company’s website for the device. Summarily, with the change in place, according to the page, users should be able to say “Hey Facebook” and then interact with the device. That’s as opposed to the previous wake word, “Hey Portal.”

“Hey Facebook” for Portal and for Quest?

Now, Facebook did announce that the new wake word would work as an alternative on Oculus Quest headsets as well. In fact, that’s the only place the company officially announced the change. But it’s not clear how the alteration will be implemented, on Oculus Quest, it’s optional. And users need to dig into the headset’s settings and access Experimental Features to opt-in.

Facebook’s decision to add “Hey Facebook to Portal devices, conversely, was not announced in any official capacity. And the claimed change has not been verified as of this writing either. But it seems likely that Facebook is still giving users a choice here, given how it was implemented on Oculus Quest. Namely, that they can still use “Hey Portal” but now can also say “Hey Facebook” to start a voice-driven interaction with the smart home gadget.


Is this already here?

Another mystery for this change comes in the question of exactly when this will arrive. Facebook’s rollout for the Oculus Quest headsets is starting with the second-generation device first, as of last week. The first-generation Oculus Quest will receive it later. And Facebook’s page doesn’t specify when Portal devices will see the new wake word. Or if it’s already arriving.

The rollout for Oculus Quest 2, conversely, is set to be gradual. So the change for Facebook’s Portal smart home displays and devices will likely be on the slower side too.