Here's How Pixel 5 Underwater Image Samples Look With Kraken-Brand Cases

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This week, Google released the March 2021 Pixel Feature Drop update that added a bunch of new features. Among all of those features, Google also added integration between Pixel 5 and underwater photography cases from Kraken to take underwater images.

As per an official tweet, Google has shared a series of images taken underwater using the Google Pixel 5. However, the device was housed inside the pricy Kraken-branded underwater cases.

Google has improved the camera performance of the Google Pixel 5 smartphone when used with the Kraken case. The photos shared on Twitter show off the quality and seaside skills of the device.


Keep in mind, since the images were shared on Twitter, there can be a lot of compression going on. Still, the images taken from Pixel 5 inside the Kraken case look fantastic.

Though the photos were taken using Pixel 5, Google claims the new functionality will be compatible with older Pixel phones as old as Pixel 2.

By the looks of it, it seems like Google has altered the Pixel’s machine learning-augmented camera to take better images underwater right through a case.

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This would definitely excite the audiences that are planning to visit nearby beaches in the coming days. Because now, they can take the Pixel 5 and Kraken case combo to take some really beautiful underwater images.

Color balance is surprisingly on point, but images appear a bit soft

Talking about the quality of images, it is surprising to see a smartphone capturing underwater images with such details. The color reproduction is on point.

However, the images appear a bit soft, which is acceptable considering they are coming right out of a case. Detail and contrast are otherwise good. So, overall, Google Pixel 5 does a great job underwater.


Users can show off their underwater photography skills using the Dive Case Connector for Google Camera app, which was recently published to the Play Store. This provides compatibility between Pixel 5 and Kraken cases.

According to the listing, it specifically mentions the Kraken KRH03 and KRH04 underwater housing. But Google’s camera support documents claim it should work with the discontinued KRH02 and KRH01.

Do note that these cases aren’t cheap. The price of these Kraken branded cases starts at around $300, which would get you a decent smartphone altogether.


If you still wish to spare some extra dollars taking those underwater shots, you can grab a Kraken case. All you need to do is slap your Pixel 5 onto the Kraken housing, pair/connect to your smartphone. That’s it!

It will show an ongoing notification stating your Dive Case’s battery level. In fact, it will also showcase extra information like the water’s temperature and your depth in a camera viewfinder overlay.