Google Search Now Gives You "Full Coverage" For Your News

Google Search Full Coverage News button edit title

One of Google News’ biggest features is now available in Google Search with the addition of a new “Full Coverage” button, reports indicate. Or, more accurately, a link below the Google Search results for news specifically, which reads “View Full Coverage.”

How does ‘Full Coverage’ work in News and now in Search?

As to how that will work in the real world, Google has provided a helpful example, showing the tool in action outside of its popular news app. As might be expected, it works best with long-running news developments. So Google has chosen a search for “covid” in its example.

After performing the search in Google, the results appear to be identical to those previously seen. That’s with one glaring change. In the card-based segment of the page for news stories, there’s the new Full Coverage button, noted above. That navigates to the news tab with a new UI specifically for coverage on that story. And with a header that reads “Full Coverage.”


The news itself is pooled from a wide variety of sources and angles. There are also listings for local sources, such as a local newspaper or site.

The goal appears to be to provide readers with as much information on developing stories as possible. With the ultimate goal of stemming off the still-growing wave of disinformation and misinformation. That’s been a long-term goal for Google already, so the addition isn’t too surprising.

When is this coming, exactly?

Whether or not any individual user will see the new feature, however, is a matter that depends on location and language. It’s already reportedly appearing for some users in the Google Discover feed. That’s the feed found off to the far side when swiping through home pages on mobile. But it will be appearing in Search more widely as well, such as on desktop rather than just in apps.


For the time being, the feature is available starting today in the US and in English. Other languages, locales, and devices outside of the mobile realm will be added over the next few months.