Google's New Product Spotted On FCC, A New Nest Cam Is Expected

Nest Cam IQ Outdoors AH black and white

A new Google product has appeared on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the specifications indicate that it can be a new Nest Cam.

According to 9to5Google, Google has used “Wireless Streaming Device” for describing its new product, and the model number is G3AL9. Google has never used such a description before, which could be a clear sign for a new product.

Nest Mini and Chromecast with Google TV are the only devices with “streaming” in the description. So the new Google’s product can be something similar. This comes on the heels of a report that Google has previously announced it wants to introduce new security cameras for 2021. Google discontinued Nest Cam Outdoor months ago, and it’s seeking an alternative now.


Google’s possible product has no display since there is a physical FCC ID at the back of the device. Moreover, it supports Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). A “3.65Vdc Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery or 5V from AC/DC Adapter” is also available for supplying power.

The FCC confidentiality for this new product will end on September 24 this year, suggesting Google needs to introduce its product before that time ends. This product has just been registered on FCC, and no other information is available.

Also, Google may be a little more cautious about pricing its new product. The Nest products come with amazing features, but their price can make buyers rethink. It is possible that Google decided to make its Nest products more affordable. Currently, many good security cameras on the market can be good alternatives to Nest cameras.


Google’s new Nest Hub is here with Soli radar technology

A few weeks ago, Google unveiled the new generation of its Nest Hub. The device is equipped with many improved features and enhanced technologies, especially Sleep Sensing. Google took the FCC confidentiality for the device In January, and they refer to it as an “interactive” device.

The new Nest Hub uses Soli radar technology. This is the same technology that Google used at Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones. The main application of the Soli radar chip is for motion sensing and sleep sensing features.

Moreover, Google released an update for Nest Hub and Hub Max devices in February that brings new features. A new Alarm UI, Sunrise alarm, and morning routine are new features added after the update. Google also brought Zoom integration to the device.


The ability to add Nest devices to Samsung’s SmartThings app was also announced in January. This feature will allow users to control Nest devices through their Samsung smartphones.