Google Maps Brings "Indoor Live View" Feature, And Much More

Google Maps Indoor Live View

Google has just announced some new changes to Google Maps, including some new features such as “Indoor Live View”. Thanks to this new feature, you’ll be able to navigate airports, train stations, and malls. The company is using AR and Street View imagery for that purpose.

“Indoor Live View” will allow you to navigate airports, train stations, and malls in Google Maps

Live View is powered by tech called “global localization”, which relies on AI. It uses AI to scan tens of billions of Street View images to understand your orientation. Google made a breakthrough with the technology, and is now able to bring Live View to some tricky-to-navigate places indoors, including airports, train stations, and malls, as mentioned earlier.

That’s not all, though. The company is also adding new weather and air quality layers. You’ll be able to see the current and forecasted weather conditions, along with air quality wherever AQl stations are available.


Google Maps Air Quality Layer

Eco-friendy routes are being added as well

Eco-friendly routes will also be visible in driving navigation. Thanks to a newly-added routing model, Google Maps will always default to the route with the lowest carbon emission footprint, if it has roughly the same ETA.

On the flip side, if such a route increases your ETA significantly, you’ll be able to choose between the fastest route, and the one that’s more eco-friendly.


Low emission zone alerts are becoming a thing in Google Maps

Google is also adding low emission zone alerts to Google Maps. You’ll be able to get an alert when you’re driving through a low emission zone. If that happens, you’ll be able to quickly find out if your car is allowed in the area, or not.

Google Maps Low Emission Zone

The company is also making it easier to choose sustainable transportation options with this new update. You’ll be able to compare all routes and modes of transportation to a destination, including cycling, transit, and walking options. You won’t even have to toggle between different tabs in order to do that.


See details about service provider options, pickup and delivers windows & more

Google Maps will also show important details about service provider options, pickup, and delivery windows, fees and order minimums. It will show all this right from Search and Maps for select grocery retailers.

Google Maps Pickup and delivery actions 2

Google is also partnering up with The Kroger Co., and American grocery retail company. It is trying to pilot an easier way to pick up groceries curbside, so we’ll see how that will go.