Google Maps Dark Mode Finally Rolling Out Globally

GoogleMaps dark theme

Google has been testing the dark mode for Google Maps since September 2019. However, it was available for a limited number of users. But now, as per 9To5Google, it is finally rolling out for Android users globally.

Night mode or dark mode is one of the key features which Google has been adopting on all of its apps. The last major app waiting for dark mode was Google Maps. Fortunately, that is coming to an end.

Last week, Google announced that dark mode or dark theme for Google Maps will be rolling out for Android users globally. And it seems like everyone is receiving the new feature.


The dark mode gets applied to both the map layers and menu items. Some other elements include the ocean getting changed to pitch black, other buttons, and in-map elements feature an outline or shadow.

Overall, it takes the dark mode feature already available on Google Maps to a new level. The new option is available under the Settings menu >>Theme.

Note that the new dark theme is available on Google Maps Android version 10.61.2. It is available via the Google Play Store. If the app version is not live, then you can Force Stop from the system App info page and check again.

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The current tab and directions on Google Maps are displayed using a soft blue

Different elements of Google Maps are shown in different shades of colors. Notably, the current tab and directions buttons are displayed using a soft blue color.

The darkest shade of grey is being used to show the background of the map. The names of the streets are also shown in a lighter shade of grey.

There is an introductory prompt once you open the latest version of Google Maps highlighting the new dark theme. The introductory message reads “New! Maps in dark theme.”


Under the message, there are three options, Always in light theme, Always in dark theme, and Same as device theme. The last option will change the Google Maps theme to night mode whenever the device’s theme is set to dark.

Along with a dark theme for Google Maps, Google has also announced some more features for Android. These include the wide rollout of scheduling feature in Messages, a new version of TalkBack, Password Checkup feature, new updates to Assistant, along with new features for Android Auto.

If you haven’t received the dark mode on Google Maps, then we would advise you to head over to Google Play Store and check for the latest version of the app.