Google Lens Translate Feature Spotted In Android 12 Developer Preview

Google Lens AH NS 02

Android Police is reporting that the Google Lens translate feature is popping up in the Android 12 recents screen. Google has been looking into making Google Lens translate easier to access since 2019. To make it easier to access Google was preparing to add the feature to the recents/overview screen.

Google announced the new feature was coming in December’s Pixel Feature Drop. In that Feature Drop, a similar feature geared toward screenshots is included as well. Now, the Lens translate feature is finally appearing in the newest Android 12 developer preview.

The Google Lens translate feature is pretty simple to use. If you’re browsing the internet and you come across some text in a foreign language you can now translate it easily. To translate simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold for a second.


Doing this will bring up the recents/overview screen. Once a user does that they will see a button at the bottom that has the Google Lens icon, but it says “Translate.” The feature has been a long time coming. But the world was expecting the feature to appear in Android 11.

Google Lens translate feature is appearing in Android 12 Developer Preview for some users

However, it is showing up in the latest 2.1 Android 12 Developer Preview. As a result, users who have not loaded their Pixel device with the developer preview will not see this new feature. That means they will have to be patient and wait for the stable Android 12 release.

Now the feature showing up could be mean that Google flipped a server-side switch. Google could be testing this feature by allowing a small group of people access to it. Not everyone has seen the feature available to them.

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As some people have been able to access it even in the latest Android 12 developer preview. The new feature most likely will only appear on Pixel 3 units or later, and for users whose language is set to US English.

The latest Android 12 Developer Preview is rolling was made available earlier this week. Which means some users may have a new feature to play around with. The Pixel line of smartphones regularly gets Feature Drops that add new features.

Google makes sure to keep the feature set fresh which is great because software is Google’s forte. As long as Google keeps their software top-notch Pixels will be fine. But the search giant might want to step it up on the hardware front if they want to make a stand against Samsung and Apple.