Google Introduces New Way Of Copying Email Address On Gmail Android App

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A new report by Android Police suggests Google is rolling out a new update that brings an easy way to copy email addresses on the Gmail Android app.

Copying email addresses on the Gmail Android app has not been a seamless experience. You either need to enter the email address of the recipient manually or long-press on the selected address to reveal a pop-up with a “Copy” button.

But with the latest update, Google seems to have dealt with this issue. Because of the new feature, whenever you tap on the email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc field, its associated name will appear.


Moreover, it will show you a completely new set of buttons for “Copy” and “Remove.” From here, you can simply press the “Copy” button to copy the target email address and begin writing a new email.

This recent change may be minute but would help a lot of users, especially in the times of COVID-19 that we are living in. Most people are working from home, and emails are one of the main means of official communication.

The new feature seems to be arriving via a server-side change for the Gmail Android app

While on one hand, the “Copy” button copies the selected email address, the “Remove” button removes the email address from the field. However, do note that this “Remove” option does not remove the selected email address from other fields.


What this above line means is that if you the email address on two fields, let us say To and Bcc, then the “Remove” button will not remove the email address from both the fields.

Further folks at Android Police have pointed out that this new feature for the Gmail Android app is not available for everyone. This also hints that this may be a server-side change from Google.

It is also possible that these new buttons are a part of an A-B test that Google is testing out for Gmail Android app with limited users.


So, if your Gmail Android app does not show you the new buttons, then you should probably try updating the app from the Google Play Store. If that also did not trigger the new feature, then you have to wait for the server-side update to arrive on your device.

Google recently has introduced a bunch of features to make Gmail more convenient. Features like the ability to edit office attachments without downloading, etc. are very appreciated by users.

Gmail for Android new copy and remove buttons