Google Discover Is Showing Old News To More And More Users

Samsung Galaxy S21 Google Discover feed AM AH

The point of Google Discover is to help users uncover fresh and interesting content. Well according to 9to5Google Google Discover is showing old news and content. This old news and content kind of goes against the entire goal of Google Discover. It is hard to discover something that has already happened.

Unfortunately for some users, Google Discover seems to have recently changed something because more and more users are seeing old news. Over the past week, users have noticed and complained about seeing older news while using Google Discover.

In some extreme cases for some users, their entire feed is populated by content that hasn’t been published in the past few hours of appearing. Even when these users refresh their feeds new articles do not appear thus leaving these users with no fresh content to consume.


Not all users are finding themselves stuck with old content. But, even for the ones with updated content, they have noticed an increase in older news appearing. This trend has been going on since September of 2018.

Since then Discover has been surfacing evergreen “articles and videos that aren’t new to the web but are new to you.” An example of this type of content would be longer pieces, reviews, guides, and explainers.

Google Discover is showing old news but is that such a bad thing

Even though this has been going on for almost three years it appears users are still surprised when Discover serves them up some old content. The past few weeks have seen an uptick in users who are seeing more and more evergreen content and older news.

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This uptick in older news can be annoying to uses who are seeking up-to-the-minute news from around the world. There is a Reddit thread that reflects the outrage of some users. The highly upvoted Reddit thread shows just how many people use Discover to stay up to date.

Now this change in what content is being shown could be Google experimenting behind the scenes. Now older content showing up in Google Discover is not the end of the world. However, knowing what is happening in the world is a good thing.

There is no doubt that a lot is happening worldwide. Being up to date on the latest news can make it easy to pass time. This is especially true for anyone still stuck at home. However, some of the older content that users are seeing isn’t all bad. Seeing reviews you may have missed can still be interesting to check out.