Google Camera 8.2 Makes It Easier To Fire Up Video Recording

Google Pixel 4a 5G AM AH 25

Google Camera app is considered to be a versatile camera application, and over the years it has gained several features. The latest report by XDA confirms that Google Camera 8.2 makes it easier to fire up video recording.

Notably, the new version of the Google Camera app allows the user to capture hands-free video with some simple swipes. Apparently, this feature is an extension of a quick capture feature introduced by Google with Google Camera 7.1.

With Google Camera 7.1, users could trigger a video capture by pressing and holding the shutter button. This negated the need to switch over to the “Video” mode.


However, there was one drawback. As soon as you lifted your fingers from the camera shutter button, it would stop the video recording.

Thankfully, with the latest Google Camera 8.2 application, you could continue with your video recording, even after lifting your finger from the shutter button. Hence, it is called “hands-free” recording.

In order to enter the hands-free mode, all you need to do is press and hold the shutter button and move your finger to the left side.


You can move your finger up to zoom in or move your finger down to zoom out

Further, if you wish to zoom in or zoom out, you can do that by moving your finger up to zoom in or move your finger down to zoom out.

It is a really nice and convenient way of quickly capturing videos, as now, you do not need to head over to the “Video” section of the camera app to record videos.

Moreover, you no longer require pinch-and-zoom or use the volume buttons to zoom in during a video recording. This was one feature that many Pixel owners wanted.


This feature comes in handy when you are occupied with some tasks with your hands and still want to record a video of that moment. The feature doesn’t require you to keep pressing the shutter button.

Users can now focus on the moment and capture it rather than figuring out whether or not their finger is still pressed down on the camera shutter button.

The Google Camera 8.2.204 is rolling out now and is live for all Pixel owners. We expect it to be available more widely in the coming days.


Google is adding this new hands-free mode following a previous update which allowed users to disable the Night Sight feature on the phone.

If you have not received the update, then you should probably head over to Google Play Store and see for the update manually.

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