Google Assistant API Document Update Adds Smart Doorbell Support

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According to a new report Google is giving companies the chance to offer smart doorbells that integrate with the Google Assistant API. Google keeps a list which contains all the different types of devices that can interact with the Assistant. Once a device makes it to this list, it becomes easier for product developers to directly integrate with Google Assistant.

Google last updated the developer documentation last July. During that last update, Google Assistant added open support for a variety of entertainment devices. However, on March 9 google updated the list once again. This new update reflects that developers can now use the Google Assistant API to allow Assistant to interact with smart doorbells.

A smart doorbell can serve two purposes in your smart home setup. Firstly, is a traditional doorbell that will notify you when someone has rung the bell. When a visitor rings your doorbell, Google Assistant will notify your other smart home devices.


Secondly, smart doorbells can also double as security cameras. Smart doorbells can show video on demand, and they can even recognize when a package has been dropped off or picked up. These smart doorbells should be able to help catch thieves looking to steal packages.

Updated Google Assistant API document makes it easy for companies to integrate smart doorbells

According to the Google Assistant API document, Assistant-integrated doorbells will be able to offer all of those features at the very least. However, Google does not specifically require these features. The options match up with what Google’s Nest Hello doorbell offers.

Due to this, other companies can create products that are on an even playing field with Google and Ring. The developer document also mentions that Google does explicitly require Google Assistant smart doorbells to have less than 2 seconds (2000ms) of latency. Along with this, the doorbells must have over 97% reliability.


Smart doorbells are a great inclusion to any smart home setup. The doorbells can keep you and your packages safe, but they also come with some problems as well. By all smart home things being connected to the internet, it is possible they can be hacked.

However, smart doorbells when coupled with other smart home devices can make life much easier. In a time when a lot of people are still stuck at home, a smart doorbell can definitely be nice. Being able to know when your hundredth Amazon package has been delivered.

Without a doubt, companies will jump at the opportunity to integrate Google Assistant into their smart doorbells. More competition in the market always leads to better products.