Google Releases Android 12 Developer Preview 2.1

Android 12 Logo AH 2

Google has just released the first (and likely only) update for the second developer preview for Android 12. That’s Android 12 Developer Preview 2.1.

As you can tell by the .1 in the version, this is a small update, and mostly only a bug fixer. We’re still expecting one more preview before the beta drops in May.

Here’s the build information for this developer preview:


Release date: March 29, 2021
Build: SPP2.210219.008.A1
Emulator support: x86 (64-bit), ARM (v8-A)
Security patch level: March 2021
Google Play services: 21.06.13

As far as what is fixed here, the Android Development team doesn’t say a whole lot. Just that “this minor update to Android 12 Developer Preview 2 updates WebView to fix and issue that caused some apps to crash.” So yeah, it’s a very minor one.

This update isn’t coming out over the air

Much like the Android 12 Developer Preview 1.1 update last month, this update won’t be launching over-the-air to your devices. So you will need to sideload the update, or flash the entire image onto your Pixel device.


OTA’s likely won’t start until the first beta comes in May.

If you need help sideloading or flashing the entire image, you can click here for detailed instructions.

This is still very much a developer preview, and we do not recommend flashing it onto your Pixel device if it is your main smartphone. As this is still going to be pretty buggy, even with this being a bug fixing update. The developer previews are essentially alpha versions of the next version of Android, not even a beta yet. So do flash at your own risk.


That is part of the reason why Google is forcing you to flash the image onto your Pixel, instead of just allowing you to enroll in the beta program and get the update over the air. Intentionally making it tougher to update to the developer preview.