Genshin Impact Comes To PS5 Soon And It's Never Looked Better

Genshin Impact PS5

Genshin Impact is making its way to the PS5 soon. With miHoYo having just put out an official statement on its arrival. Genshin Impact first released last year for PS4, PC, and mobile devices running on Android and iOS.

It was also available on PS5 after the console launched, but this was the PS4 version of the game. Now, miHoYo is getting ready to release a proper PS5 version. And it’ll come with all of the things you may have come to know of PS5 ports of PS4 titles.

That means better looking graphics, and increased frame rates. Improved graphics are always nice. But the increase in fps is really going to be a major boost for this game given the nature of its combat.


Genshin Impact for PS5 is “coming soon”

miHoYo isn’t quite ready to share an exact release date for the game’s official PS5 drop. It’s simply said that the game is coming soon. That could mean it’ll be here in a week just as much as it could mean it’s still a month or two away.

But those eager to play Genshin Impact on the PS5 are no doubt hoping for the former. As part of the next-gen release, Genshin Impact will support visuals up to 4K, with improved textures across “every part of the game world.” miHoYo says that “Teyvat will look better and more vibrant than ever before.”

As part of the announcement miHoYo released a PS5 trailer for the game, which does evoke a sense of scale for some of the upcoming changes. Though it certainly won’t replace the experience of seeing the improvements first-hand by playing it on your own PS5.


miHoYo has big plans for the game’s continued future

Genshin Impact is already a massive open world to explore. With two major cities to stroll through and the ability to roam the mega-sized areas that surround them, you have no shortage of game content to immerse yourself in.

But if you thought the game was already vast, think again. Because it’s about to get a lot bigger. miHoYo says that the two major cities that are currently in the game, Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor, are just two of the seven. SEVEN!

There’s no mention of when these new major cities will be added or what they’ll be. But just knowing there’s seven major cities in total really puts the size of this game into perspective. Each major city has a unique cast of characters and cultures. They also have their own vast surrounding areas. As well as new creatures to vanquish or interact with. Players can also expect new hidden secrets and treasures to dig up along the way.


These new cities, along with new areas to explore and new characters, will be added “as the game progresses.” This will also include new seasonal events. If you’ve not played Genshin Impact yet, now is as good of a time as any to jump in.