Geekbench Confirms Galaxy S20 FE 4G With Snapdragon 865 Is Coming

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Geekbench has just confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G with Snapdragon 865 is on the way. It was indicated quite recently that this model is in development, and this listing more or less confirms it.

The Galaxy S20 FE 4G popped up on Geekbench with 6GB of RAM

The Galaxy S20 FE 4G (SM-G780G) has popped up on Geekbench. This listing confirms the Snapdragon 865 SoC (codename ‘kona’). It also confirms that the phone will offer 6GB of RAM, and ship with Android 11 out of the box.

The device managed to score 893 points in the single-core test on Geekbench. It also scored 3,094 points in the multi-core test. That is pretty much all the information that Geekbench confirmed.


That being said, that’s not the only indication that the phone is coming. The device also got listed on Samsung’s websites in Malaysia, the Caribbean, the Philippines, and the UK. All those support pages mention the model number SM-G780G/DS. The ‘DS’ part stands for ‘Dual SIM’.

If you’re confused when it comes to the Galaxy S20 FE models, well… let us try to help. The Snapdragon 865-powered Galaxy S20 FE is already available in the market. It launched last year, as the main variant of the device.

The existing Snapdragon 865 Galaxy S20 FE variant supports 5G

The thing is, that variant supports 5G. Well, Samsung, for whatever reason, wants to release that very same phone, but without 5G support. This new variant will be limited to 4G. That’s not something that should bother you at this point in time, though.

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Other than the change in network support, this new model should be identical to the regular one. It will likely feature a 6.5-inch fullHD+ Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. A triple camera setup will be included on the back, while you’ll be able to expand its storage.

The phone’s design will likely be unchanged as well. This means you can expect a flat display, with a display camera hole. Its backplate will be made out of plastic, and so on. If you’d like to know more about the existing Galaxy S20 FE variant, read our review.

Galaxy S20 FE 4G Geekbench