Galaxy S21 US Sales Have Tripled Compared To Galaxy S20 Last Year

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Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 series at a cheaper price than last year’s models, with a $200 price drop across the lineup. It looks like this strategy is paying off big-time to the company. According to SamMobile, who has the latest data from market research firm Strategy Analytics, the first-month sales figures for the Galaxy S21 trio in the US have tripled compared to the Galaxy S20 series last year. This is a big achievement for the company, given the US is still the largest smartphone market in the world.

The report estimates that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most popular model in the US, accounting for over 40 percent of the lineup’s sales so far. Needless to say, it is also the most expensive one of the lot, coming in at no less than $1,200. However, it’s still a good $200 cheaper than last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, which cost $1,400 at launch.

Samsung, in fact, reduced the starting price by $200 across the lineup this year. The Galaxy S20 series arrived last year with a starting price of $1,000 for the base model. This year’s vanilla Galaxy S21, meanwhile, only cost $800 at launch.


Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phones are selling like hotcakes

Not just in the US, the Galaxy S21 series have been selling like crazy throughout the world. Samsung UK last month claimed that pre-orders for the new phones beat the performance of both the Galaxy S20 and S10 Series. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most popular phone in the US as well.

Meanwhile in Samsung’s home country South Korea, the vanilla S21 is the crowd favorite. A report last month suggested that the Galaxy S21 series sales are 30 percent higher than Galaxy S20 series sales in the country. The vanilla S21 accounted for 40 percent of those sales, followed by the Galaxy S21 Ultra with 36 percent.

Granted, smartphone sales were affected heavily last year because of the economic uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the lockdown measures against the still-ongoing global health crisis. However, this is still a huge boost for Samsung. As it turns out, a price drop is a nice way to attract more buyers.


Of course, with each passing day, the spotlight on Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series would continue to fade. However, the company is reportedly preparing to bring an even more affordable Galaxy S21 Fan Edition (Galaxy S21 FE) in the coming months. That would surely keep the Galaxy S21 phones in the news for some more time. It now remains to be seen how long does Samsung manages to keep this momentum going.