A Fix Is Finally Here For NVIDIA SHIELD TV Plex Servers Problem

Plex AH 01

A new Plex Media Server app update is finally delivering a fix for an ongoing problem with the Android TV version impacting Plex servers. That’s based on a recent 9to5Google report, citing the fix spotted in version or newer. But the problem may not be automatically fixed for some users.

That’s because the app itself appears to have not been updating automatically from the Google Play Store. And that appears to have been part of the underlying problem for Plex servers, to begin with. While problems in any technology following updates aren’t uncommon, the issue with the Plex servers has been impacting Android TV users since last year without a fix. In this case, caused by a malfunctioning update.

What exactly is this update fixing?

The fix in question, of course, applies to broken capabilities found in the Plex Media Server app. That’s separate from the standard Plex Android TV app. Summarily, the app allows users to turn their NVIDIA SHIELD TV devices into Plex servers — or it did before the problems this update will fix.


Following an update last year, that functionality broke for some users. And the number of impacted users has only grown in subsequent updates. The issue was unable to be fixed by the usual workarounds either. Namely, by clearing cache, logging out and back in, etc.

Ultimately, the problem rendered the Plex Media Server app pointless for at least some users.

Here’s the fix for the Plex Media Servers problem

Of course, that means that the fix for this issue is to update the Plex Media Server app manually. That’ll need to be done, as noted above, in the Google Play Store on the Android TV-powered NVIDIA device. But, once the update — and any lingering updates that don’t install the first time — are installed, Plex Media Server should go back to functioning as normal on the top-rated device.