Fitbit Adds A New Way To Find Your Misplaced Inspire 2 Tracker

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Fitbit, one of the most popular fitness tracker brands on the market, is making it easier to find your lost tech like the Inspire 2 thanks to Tile.

Today Fitbit announced that it would be adding the Tile tracking feature to the Inspire 2 wearable. So although you’d want to avoid losing it, it may not be the end of the world if you do. Tile has been integrated into various tech devices before. But it’s the tiny tags you could attach to just about anything, such as key rings or bag zippers, that made it popular.

Its usefulness makes it no surprise that it should come to be integrated with fitness trackers. Since they’re small and can be easy to lose or misplace.


Tile tracking comes to Fitbit Inspire 2 free of charge

If you were worried about having to spend extra money on this new feature, don’t be. Normally you’d need to get some sort of Tile tracker to attach to your gear. But not this time.

And you don’t need tp pay for any special software or buy a new model of the tracker. In fact all you have to do is update your Fitbit Inspire 2, which loads it up with the new Tile support. From there, you can simply use your phone to ring the Inspire 2 and locate it more easily.

Even if it’s “miles away.” However the tracker would be pinged using Bluetooth if it’s within rage of your device. What’s more, is that the new Tile support also allows you to use the tracker to ring your phone. Just in case you misplaced it instead.


For any of this to work of course, you need the app. So you’ll need to make sure to install the Tile app onto your smartphone and then tap the “find” button whenever you need to locate the tracker.

The update is available from today

If you already have an Inspire 2 then you can download the update for it starting from today. Allowing you get Tile support as soon as the update is finished installing.

It’s also available for any new Inspire 2 owners that buy the tracker in the future. And should eventually come with that support out of the box. So far this is the first tracker in Fitbit’s lineup to come with Tile tracking support.


But there is a good chance it’ll expand that partnership by adding it to other trackers as well. Both existing and new trackers to come down the road.