First Foldable Smartphone From Xiaomi To Be Outfolding; Odd Name Tipped

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It seems like the very first foldable smartphone from Xiaomi will be of the outfolding variety. That is something a well-known display analyst said, along with sharing the possible name of the device.

First foldable smartphone from Xiaomi to be outfolding, and have a weird name

This information comes from Ross Young, who shared the information via Twitter. He said that the device may be called the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 Pro Max. If that sounds like a bad choice for a smartphone name, well, it does appear to be.

That name is extremely long, and it’s quite confusing as well. This will become the very first foldable smartphone from the company, Xiaomi should opt for something better than this, that’s for sure.


Xiaomi will announce an in-folding foldable as well, later this year

Ross Young said that China Star is the display supplier for the device, not SDC. SDC will, however, provide an in-folding display to Xiaomi later this year. That display will be a little bit bigger than this one.

As a reminder, Xiaomi is expected to announce three foldable smartphones this year. So, the upcoming phone certainly won’t be the only one, well, unless something changes drastically in the process.

In a comment, Ross Young was asked for more information about the device. He did respond by saying that the device will be more similar to the Mate XS, in terms of its foldability, as it will be of the outfolding variety.


Xiaomi patented a lot of foldable smartphone designs over the year, so it remains to be seen what the company came up with. It will also be extremely interesting to see how much will this phone cost.

Xiaomi is well-known for avoiding sky-high price tags, which is a part of the company’s appeal. We still don’t know what specs will this phone offer, but it’ll compete with some really expensive foldables in the market, regardless. More information will probably follow soon, as Xiaomi is expected to announce this handset in the near future.