Facebook's New App Helps Newly Released Prisoners Re-enter Society

Facebook landing page logo AH 2020

Facebook says it’s working on a new application for prisoners who have just been released from prison and want to start a new life. According to the company’s announcement, this is a part of their plans for developing apps for “marginalized communities,”

The news broke when some Instagram users reported that a notification had popped up on their device. The notification asked them to test an application and give feedback. However, Facebook says that the public release of this notification was a mistake, and they stopped publishing it as soon as they heard about it.

“We’ve been exploring different ways to help close gaps faced by those in marginalized communities across our apps,” a Facebook spokeswoman said. “This was only intended to be an internal test, and we took down the notice as soon as we learned it briefly ran externally.”


We still don’t know when this application goes public and how it wants to help prisoners. Anyway, this is a worthy move by Facebook, and we hope it plays out.

Facebook feels responsible for prisoners and racial justice

After George Floyd’s death and “Black Lives Matter” movement, big tech paid more attention to the issue of racial justice. In the meantime, some technology companies also tried to play a role and consider racial equality in their products.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously noted that his company is working on “products to advance racial justice.” Racial equality, wage inequality, and gender pay gap have been major issues for Silicon Valley companies for years.


The Facebook ecosystem tries to support different communities

This is not the first time that Facebook is developing specific products for specific communities. A week ago, it was reported that Facebook wants to release the kid’s version of Instagram. This version will be for children under 13 and contains age-related changes like restricting sending DMs between children and adults.

Facebook is also trying to use AI to identify users’ age and prevent under-age users from registering in its applications.

In September last year, Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri made an announcement about the Instagram Equity team. According to Mosseri,   the team’s focus is “on better understanding and addressing bias in our product development and people’s experiences on Instagram.”


Mosseri also said they’d hired a new Director for Diversity and Inclusion to diversify talents.