Facebook Will Support 2FA Security Keys For Users On iOS And Android

Facebook DG AH 2020

According to The Verge, Facebook will support 2FA security keys on mobile devices. The social media giant first announced this news via a blog. Facebook has supported 2FA security keys for the desktop version since 2017. However, beginning today March 18 the social media giant will expand support to its iOS and Android apps for better security.

For those who aren’t familiar with two-factor authentication(2FA), it provides an extra layer of support for online accounts. The user who uses 2FA is required to login with their password, and with an additional piece of information. This information is usually a numeric code generated by a third-party system.

Without both pieces of information, a hacker or malicious third-party will find it harder to access your account. Facebook’s blog post says “we strongly recommend that everyone considers using a physical security key to increase the security of their accounts.”


It doesn’t matter if you are an iOS user or an Android user, having more security is always a good thing. Facebook is no stranger to being in hot water over privacy. However, this new move seems like it will really help.

Facebook will support 2FA security keys on iOS and Android soon

Physical security keys bring an extra layer of security to users’ accounts. Your device then connects with these physical keys either through USB or Bluetooth. Due to this, they are the best way to protect online accounts. However, there are other methods.

These other methods include authenticator apps or generated codes for users to type in. Unfortunately a malicious third-party can intercept these codes. Users using a security key have more control over who can access their accounts. Once they connect their key to their device they become verified and are able to log in.


Facebook isn’t the only social media company focusing on protecting users’ accounts. 2FA will also get an update from Twitter. Twitter will allow users to use 2FA as their sole authentication method in the future.  Currently, Twitter users can use a security key plus a second 2FA method as a backup.

More ways to protect your digital presence are always a good thing. 2FA security keys have been around for a while now. But it is nice to see Facebook bringing the choice to smartphones. Smartphones are the primary way many people worldwide access their banking accounts, social media accounts, and more.

As Facebook continues to expand the support maybe other social media platforms will adopt this strategy. See what the new update looks like below.