Elgato Is Brightening Up Your Gaming Setup With A Light Strip

Elgato Light Strip 2

The Elgato Light Strip is lighting the path to a brighter future. Who’s future? Your future. A future in more chill stream setups, or just really colorful gaming sessions.

Elgato is mostly known for its range of products that cater to streamers and content creators with things like the Elgato Stream Deck. But now it’s getting into smart lighting too. Because it wants a piece of that sweet sweet pie that companies like Philips and LIFX have been feasting on for years.

The new RGB lighting will feature RGBWW LEDs that can produce up to 16 million colors. So rest assured you’ll be able to find a color that suits your personal tastes. You’ll also be able to stick them pretty much anywhere thanks to the “super-sticky” tesa adhesive backing, and trim them down to fit those locations.


You can buy the Elgato Light Strip right now

Elgato didn’t just announce the new Light Strip today. It also made it available for purchase. Though right now you can only pick it up from the official Elgato website it seems.

The press release mentions that it will also be available from retail partners, but it doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon where you can buy other Elgato products already. The Light Strip will cost $60, and it runs about 79-inches in length. Which is likely plenty for many consumers. Though it will depend on how much of your setup you actually want to bathe in colorful light.

You can also control the Light Strip with an app on your phone (Android and iOS), or you can control it by voice through Siri. There doesn’t appear to be any Google Assistant or Alexa integration. So if you need or want that you may want to look at other options. There’s also no Razer Chroma support. Naturally, since these are from Elgato, which is owned by Corsair.

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Need to optimize your stream audio? Get the Wave Panels

In addition to the Light Strip Elgato is also announcing the Wave Panels, a set of dual density foam panels used to dampen sound and optimize your audio for streams.

Basically they make it so your room is a little more sound proof. But more specifically it reduces echo and reverberation. The Wave Panels come in two color options, black and blue, and have a stylish hexagon shape to add some visual appeal. You’ll get six in a single set, which retails for $100.

These are also available on the Elgato website and should be available from some retail partners in time.