DoorDash Now Delivers COVID-19 Test Kits If You Live Here

DoorDash AH 2019

DoorDash is now probably your easiest access to an at-home COVID-19 test kit, because the company will let you order one and have it delivered to your front door.

There is a catch though. The test kits can only be delivered in certain cities around the US. Because only a handful of cities are considered supported markets right now. DoorDash, which is partnering with two different health companies, Vault Health and Everlywell, is usually one of the go-to apps for food delivery.

In the past year while everyone was cooped up at home during the pandemic, DoorDash no doubt saw a big increase in usage and deliveries for everything from coffee and bagels to weeknight dinners. And it’ll likely see an increase in use from this too.


DoorDash will only deliver at-home COVID-19 test kits to supported cities

While this may be something that DoorDash wants to roll out on a larger scale, right now there is only a handful of supported markets.

This includes Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Phoenix. There are a total of 12 markets altogether where this type of delivery is supported though. And all of it can be done through the DoorDash app directly.

There is an alternative to ordering these at-home kits as well. Instead of ordering through DoorDash, you can order from the Vault Health website. The benefit to this is that you can order your kits in more markets. 20 in total. And the kits can still be delivered same-day.


For those that don’t live in one of the supported markets that allows ordering directly through DoorDash, this is how you get the kit delivered as soon as possible.

The 20 markets that support this method includes Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego just to name a few.

The kits cost $119 and will expand to more markets in the future

If you’re ready to go and attempting to pick up an at-home COVID-19 test for yourself, be prepared to shell out $119 to DoorDash or Vault Health.


As this is the cost for an individual test. If you’re not in a supported market right now, that should change in the near future. DoorDash and Vault Health both have plans to expand the test kit delivery to more markets throughout the year.

Larger metropolitan areas obviously have the best luck at being added to the list early on. So if you’re in a smaller city, your luck may still be better grabbing a test elsewhere.