Donald Trump To Launch His Own Social Media Platform

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Donald Trump is gearing up to make a major return to social media in the near future after being banned from Twitter and a slew of other social media platforms.

It looks like Donald Trump might be planning to develop a social media platform of his own. The former U.S. President appears to be taking concrete steps towards solidifying the aforesaid plans.

In an interview with Fox, Trump aide Jason Miller confirmed that the former president will unveil his own social media service in about two or three months.

Miller refrained from divulging a lot of details about the platform. He said it “redefine the game” and attract a lot of people.


The Platform Could Attract Conservatives

According to some conservatives, popular social networks do not support right-wing principles. As a result, these conservatives are more likely to be attracted to the new platform when it launches.

There has been a notable surge of new users on platforms such as MeWe and Parler because some conservatives believe they have less moderation.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Trump can get the much-needed infrastructure. After the U.S. Capitol riot, Stripe and Shopify discontinued business with the 74-year-old businessman.

Moreover, popular cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon are highly unlikely to support Trump’s plan. Trump’s provoking speeches are widely believed to be the reason behind the Capitol violence.


In other words, Trump may have to depend on lesser-known foreign tech partners. However, there is no assurance those can deliver a social media platform that would attract tens of millions of users.

Will The New Platform See The Light Of Day?

The former leader may have sabotaged his own efforts. He urged for restrictions on the Communications Decency Act’s Section 230 after Twitter added a fact-checking label to his tweets.

Section 230 protects internet companies from being answerable to content posted by their users on the platform. The Democrats continue to push for reform after taking over the presidency and both sides of Congress.

If users promote violence or a trumped-up story, a limited Section 230 might allow victims to take legal action against the site. This could put the future of the site in jeopardy.


After losing the U.S. Election to Joe Biden, Trump has returned to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. While he has kept a low profile, Miller claims he has been hard at work.

Trump has been meeting teams and several companies at Mar-a-Lago. Miller went on to say that the new platform will be big but did not reveal whether or not he will be personally involved.