Consumer Reports Says OnePlus Nord N10 5G Is The Best Budget Phone

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Consumer Reports has just released its yearly “Best Smartphones” list, and the OnePlus Nord N10 5G is marked as the best budget smartphone. Interestingly enough, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is highlighted as the best smartphone in general.

Do note that the Consumer Reports list is focused on the US, so the choice to crown the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s a great smartphone in general, and it’s not exactly a secret how popular Apple’s iPhones are in the States.

In case you’re wondering who won in the “Best Android Phone” section, it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The S Pen was the counterweight that brought a victory for the device over the Galaxy S21 series.


Consumer Reports highlights OnePlus Nord N10 5G as the “Best Budget Phone”

We’ve already mentioned that the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, and its victory in the “Best Budget Phone” category. Well, its sibling, the Nord N100 also managed to win in one category, the “Best Phone for All-Day Battery Life”. It managed to edge out the Galaxy A71 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

What’s interesting in all this, is that Consumer Reports did not mention the whole situation with updates when it comes to these Nord phones. Both the Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 came out with outdated software, and will get only one major update.

Consumer Reports is actually a trusted source for consumers, and a popular one. Some users may go over to the site in order to see what’s worth buying. Our thoughts, and yours as well, probably differ from what’s said here.


The OnePlus Nord N100 wasn’t exactly praised in reviews, and it always seems like some facts are left out on such lists. On the flip side, many people would go for the Pixel 4a as the best budget phone around, for a number of reasons.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra edged out the Galaxy S21 Ultra

It’s also a bit weird that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra won the “Best Android Phone” award with the Galaxy S21 Ultra being around. It’s true that the Note ships with a stylus, but the S21 Ultra also supports it, and it has a number of advantages over its sibling.

As already mentioned, opinions differ, and yours may be completely different, of course. It’s always interesting to see what sites like Consumer Reports put out there, as many people rely on that opinion.