The Ability To Bulk Share Photos Via Nest Hub Is On Its Way

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According to 9to5Google Nest Hub users will be able to bulk share photos via voice command. Currently, owners of Smart Displays can use them as a photo frame background. In addition, they can use Google Assistant to see uploaded photos. But the new feature is on its way to make sharing photos easier.

Both Nest Hub and Smart Displays will be able to take advantage of the new upcoming features. The new feature should make it easier for users to easily share in bulk rather than one-by-one.

In a video from Google today, the search giant shows a “Hey Google, share my photos with [x] command. The command once initiated will take users to a grid view.


The grid shows the photos that were being shown in a slideshow. Then the photos can be manually selected, and a “Share” button will finalize the Google Photos process.

Users will be able to bulk share photos from their Nest Hub soon

Currently, you can only share a single photo by tapping the screen. Of course, users can also use a voice command to share photos as well. However, there is no way of sharing in bulk. As a result, sharing multiple photos can be a time-killing affair.

The new feature will undoubtedly make it easier to share multiple photos. This will especially be useful when you want to share pictures in the automatic carousel.

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You can quickly share your favorite photos with friends and family from your display just by using your voice. While your photo album is being displayed, you can choose to share a photo with a simple, “Hey Google, share my photos with John.” It’s that easy! 

The “direct photo sharing” improvement will be hitting Nest Hubs “soon”. In the meantime, Google also highlighted the Apple TV app on Chromecast with Google TV.

The company also pointed out hands-free control for televisions and Guest Mode. Another thing that was shown off is the Google-themed watch face.


Google always has something up its sleeves which is definitely not a bad thing. The company excels at software features that improve current hardware.

The search giant has been making staying home much easier as of late. They recently brought sleep tracking to the Nest Hub, and introduced kids mode to Google TV.

Google also recently made it easier for smart doorbells to access Google Assistant. Now for those people working from home they can keep an eye on their mountain of Amazon packages while working.


Despite Google being in some legal trouble, and being called out for its data collection practices they deliver some useful features.