Black Widow Might Be One Of The Last Movies On Disney+ Premier Access

black widow

Disney has announced that Black Widow will be available in theaters on May 1, and it’ll also be available on Disney+ Premier Access, the same day. And it’s likely one of the last movies to launch on Disney+ Premier Access (Cruella will still hit Premier Access though, later this year). As the world starts to open up, and Disney wants to make billions by releasing Marvel movies in theaters instead of on Disney+.

Black Widow, among many other Disney movies, was supposed to come out last year. However, due to the pandemic, Disney decided to delay it a year, in the hopes that they’d be able to sell out movie theaters in 2021. We are getting close to that happening, as vaccinations are ticking up, but not quite there yet.

Disney is a victim of its own success

Disney could continue to delay the release of Black Widow, but because of the success Disney has had, that isn’t really an option. Because of how vast the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now, delaying Black Widow also delayed countless other movies for Disney.


So, Disney is biting the bullet and releasing Black Widow in May 2021, and will also release it on Disney+ Premier Access the same day. That means you can pay $30 to watch the movie on release day.

Why does Disney want to return to the box office? Well, that’s where movies like Black Widow make the majority of their money. Since people are paying per person to see the movie, and usually a whole lot more than they pay for Disney+ (even Premier Access). This is a way for Disney to make back some of the money it cost to produce a film like Black Widow. Remember, these cinematic films use a lot of CGI, which is not cheap to use.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is launching exclusively in theaters at the end of the year. So it’s unlikely that we will see many other movies make their way onto Disney+ Premier Access the same day that they hit theaters. Meaning that this experiment is likely coming to an end.