Biometric Scanning Payment Card From Samsung May Be Coming Soon

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According to Engadget Samsung and Mastercard are teaming up to make a biometric scanning payment card. The card will have a built-in fingerprint reader to cover the biometric security.

Mastercard mentioned something similar back in 2017 which let users authenticate purchases without touching a keypad. With Covid-19 still not under control the world could use a card like this.

However, this new card will differ from Mastercard’s first attempt. Samsung says the cards “will adopt a new security chipset from Samsung’s System LSI Business”. That chipset integrates several discrete chips instead of using Mastercard’s current technology.


The point of this new biometric scanning payment card is to increase security while reducing physical contact points. The user’s fingerprint will be scanned directly from their card and not ran through an external POS.

However, the good news is that the card is compatible with Mastercard’s authentication technology. The new card can be used at any Mastercard chip or POS terminal. This card differs from current biometric payment systems like Apple Pay which uses your smartphone to authenticate the payment.

A biometric scanning payment card from Samsung is on the way

However, Apple does offer a physical titanium card for use at a POS system that may not have the ability for tap-to-pay. Unfortunately, using the physical card means a user will have to enter a code into the POS instead of using a built-in fingerprint reader.


The card will use Mastercard on the clearing and point-of-sale side of things. However, Samsung and its Samsung Card will back the financial side of things. Samsung Life Insurance owns the Samsung Card. Samsung Life Insurance is the largest credit company in South Korea, so they can definitely back the financial side of things.

South Korea will see the card rolling out later this year. Unfortunately, Samsung did not mention if the card will come to other regions. Hopefully, Samsung will bring this idea to the rest of the world. Two big factors will help make this card an excellent tool worldwide.

Firstly, as the pandemic continues the goal of mitigating the spread of Covid-19 is essential. One of the best ways of doing this is by limiting what we touch on a daily basis. POS systems are touched by hundreds of users each day, and not every POS is sanitized after each transaction.


Secondly, having the ability to authenticate the card with a built-in fingerprint scanner will improve security. Debit and credit cards have utilized a chip to secure payments for a while now. But not every merchant has POS terminals that accept payment by chip, or they haven’t set up the chip reader.

Only time will tell if Samsung brings this to the rest of the world.