The Best PlayStation Network Card Deals

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Have you heard about Playstation Network Cards?

PSN cards are prepaid cards to top up your virtual wallet at the PlayStation online store. With PSN cards you can pay for your games, DLCs or the Playstation Network Plus subscription without using a credit or debit card. A PSN card is perfect as a gift or as a means of payment for people under the age of 18.

Where to purchase a PlayStation Network card?

Playstation Network Cards can be purchased at stationery stores, but the best deals await you online. At GAMIVO.com you will find a vast range of offers with attractive discounts. Search for PSN cards for your region (make sure to check your region before buying!) and the amount of the pre-paid. Get an extraordinary discount of up to 84% off.

Who is it for?
PSN cards are for anyone, really. However, we bet they are most appreciated by users under 18, who don’t have debit or credit cards. They are great as gifts as well!


Why Gamivo.com?

We don’t like to overpay. Do you? PSN cards can be purchased in stationery stores or online. The best Playstation Network Cards deals await you on the GAMIVO platform, recognized by its users for great customer service and safety.

Check GAMIVO.com – the best PSN cards deals from suppliers from all around the world await you there!

How to purchase PSN cards on GAMIVO.com?

Go to the PSN cards website. Find a PlayStation Network card for your region and a top-up you like. Compare prices from suppliers all around the world and choose the offer you are interested in (there are plenty of them) and add it to your cart.


While purchasing you can also get an additional discount by choosing Gamivo Smart – a VIP subscription that guarantees the lowest prices and gives extra benefits such as exclusive discounts, outstanding giveaways, best deals alert and pre-order delivery priority.

Make sure to check your region before buying a PSN card! Go to checkout and pay using PayPal, HiPal or your credit/ debit card.

How to use a PSN card?

PSN cards can be redeemed at your PlayStation account. The code you purchased at GAMIVO.com will top up your PlayStation account with the amount you chose. Now you are ready to play your favourite PSN games!


About GAMIVO.com

The Gamivo website is known as the fastest growing platform for digital games. But it is far more than that. At GAMIVO you can also purchase prepaid cards, vouchers, online subscriptions to your favourite apps and pre-order games that haven’t been launched yet. Check them for great discounts, deals and games!