AUKEY 100W 4-Port PD GaN Charger Review: One Charger for all your gadgets!

Aukey GaN Charger AH HR Feature

Aukey has the one Wall charging brick you need for all your devices.

AUKEY 100 W 4-Port PD GaN Charger
star star star star star
  • Small compact in size
  • 100 W charging available for a single device
  • Can charge two laptops upto 45W each
  • Easily charge up to 4 smaller devices simultaneously
  • GaN technology keeps the power brick cool
  • One charger brick for all your gadgets
  • Slow charging for non PD devices
  • A bit pricey at full MSRP

Aukey provided AndroidHeadlines with the 4-port 100 W GaN charging brick. This review was written after using the device for more than 7 days.

Aukey 100W 4-Port PD GaN charger is a new fast charger featuring the Omnia GaN chip. Let’s dive into the review to see if it makes sense for you to get one of these.

Why buy the Aukey 100W 4-port PD GaN Charger?

We are about to leave behind the year that was all about COVID-19 and are starting to look at becoming a bit more mobile again soon. And as we do that, we realize that major smartphone manufacturers are eliminating the charging brick from their flagship devices. And that the same time fast charging support for smartphones is becoming more mainstream. So finding a charger that can fast-charge your smartphone is an important factor.

Typically in our bag, we may have our laptop or tablet, smartphone, earbuds, and perhaps a power bank. Lugging around multiple chargers for all of these gadgets is cumbersome and adds weight.


So why not get a charging brick that can fast-charge your smartphone and all the other gadgets as well? This is where the Aukey 100W 4-port PD GaN charging brick comes in.

Advantages of GaN technology for charging

Gallium Nitride chips in GaN Fast chargers are more efficient than silicon. Besides this, they have the ability to charge devices 3 times faster while reducing charger size and weight by half. This means lighter weight in your laptop bag or backpack. Or fewer heavy charger bricks around the house depending on your use case scenario.

Also since GaN chips are more efficient they tend to generate less heat which is better in terms of longevity for the charging brick. Here’s a link that should help you get caught up more on GaN fast charging.

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The Aukey 100W 4-port PD GaN charger has the industry-leading Omnia GaN chip (from Navitas Semiconductor) which allows this brick to be smaller than chargers that are sold for laptops like the Dell XPS 13 or MacBook Pro. This charger should be able to fully charge a new laptop in under two hours. Also because it has the GaN power system the footprint of this charger is roughly 20% smaller than the power bricks from the factory. On top of the smaller size charger, you also get three additional charging ports.

Using the Aukey GaN Charger

There are a total of 4 charging ports (two USB-A and two USB-C) and they are capable of fast charging small gadgets. This lets you simultaneously charge two laptops, one smartphone, and one pair of earbuds. The built-in circuitry automatically optimizes the power supply between all 4 ports.

Aukey GaN Charger AH HR Use


Most modern devices now have a USB-C port, at least in the Android ecosystem. And more often than not they support the Power Delivery (PD) charging standard. Hence it is quite easy to use this charger with the USB-C to USB-C cable and charge your phone rapidly while charging other small devices. This becomes critical as 5G adoption grows and battery drain becomes a daily occurrence.

Since the charger has a foldable plug you can take it along when you travel. Less weight and one power brick to charge all your gadgets on the go.

Should you buy the Aukey 100W 4-Port PD GaN Charger?

Aukey GaN Charger AH HR Verdict


The answer is a resounding YES. About two years ago I purchased a 2-port GaN fast charger for use. Since then I have switched to the S21 which did not come with a charger and a new HP Elite X2 2-in-1 as my laptop. I also usually have a tablet and wireless earbuds with me in my laptop bag. So this 4-port charger makes a lot more sense to have than waiting for the 2 ports to become free on my existing charger.

While it is priced a bit on the high side, it is typically on sale at Amazon and also priced lower than an OEM charging brick for your laptop. I definitely recommend getting this GaN fast charger from Aukey.