Bill Gates Prefers Android & Clubhouse Is Coming Soon

clubhouse android

Based on a recent interview — embedded below — over the Apple-only Clubhouse app, Bill Gates prefers Android over iOS because of how flexible it is. Especially when it comes to the software environment, reports indicate.

Summarily, Mr. Gates says that it’s because of how flexible Android is when it comes to “how the software connects up with” the OS. The Microsoft co-founder didn’t offer up too many additional details on the matter. But did indicate that the preference largely comes down to the manufacturers. The OEMs offer the above-mentioned flexibility and that, as a result, is what Mr. Gates “ended up getting used to.”

Mr. Gates also notes that some Android OEMs pre-install Microsoft software in a way that “makes it easy” for him.


Don’t call Bill Gates an Android purist, though

While Bill Gates does admit a preference for Android, that doesn’t quite mean that manufacturers can rest on their laurels. According to Mr. Gates, a lot of his friends own iPhones and he does use them from time to time. So “there’s no purity” there.

That’s a sentiment further bolstered by the fact that Microsoft, the company co-founded by Mr. Gates, has been a long-time competitor of Android. Albeit a competitor that has since been relegated to working on Android on the software side of the equation. And to building devices that operate on the Android operating system.

The Clubhouse is coming to Android soon too

Now, there are plenty of reasons to love Android over iOS. Or at least as many as there are for choosing the opposite. But the other big piece of news revealed in the interview has nothing to do with whether or not Bill Gates loves Android more and more to do with Clubhouse itself. The interview, conducted on the Clubhouse social network, also included Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson.

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According to Mr. Davidson, development on an Android variant of the app is a “top feature” that’s currently in the works.