Android 12 Developer Preview 2 Is Here!

AH Android 12 image 203

Google has just released Android 12 Developer Preview 2. This is the second of three developer previews before we get to the first Beta in May. And eventually to the final version by August/September of this year.

This developer preview doesn’t have a whole lot of changes that the user will see. Most of these changes are under-the-hood and with the set of APIs inside of Android. Hence the reason why this is called a “developer preview” and not a “beta”.

You won’t be able to get this updated preview via OTA. Instead, you will need to download the factory image, or the OTA and sideload it to your device. Google will start sending out OTA’s when the Beta program opens in May. It is also still only available for the Pixel lineup, from the Pixel 3 and later. Other devices will get support for Android 12 when the Beta program opens up.


What’s new in Android 12 Developer Preview 2

Google has a fairly long list of changes for developers here. Including some changes to the lockscreen. Google has added extended security for the lockscreen notifications. This includes making it easier for developers to configure notifications on the lockscreen to always require user authentication.

There are also improvements to Picture-in-Picture, allowing developers to now use Android 12 to automatically transition their app to picture-in-picture mode. This new version of Android also brings capabilities for developers to seamlessly resize picture-in-picture elements.

Finally, Google is bringing in APIs for managing connected devices. This is going to make it easier for developers to keep their apps running on companion devices. The Android 12 Developer Preview 2 introduces APIs that automatically wake relevant apps up when connected devices are nearby.


You can download the second developer preview by clicking here. And you can learn more about this developer preview by clicking here.