Look Out For Ghostrunner & Other New Games Dropping On Luna Soon

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Amazon Luna is due to get a crop of new games this coming month, including Ghostrunner. The wildly addictive and exhilarating first-person action game where you play as a cyberpunk ninja.

In the cloud gaming space, Luna is the latest entry. Sitting alongside other options like Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, GeForce NOW, and Shadow. It also offers a slightly different approach to the cloud gaming platform. Rather than have you buy games like Stadia or stream games you already own like GeForce NOW or Shadow, it delivers games through channels.

Channels are a collection of games that can be played through the cloud for a single monthly fee. Currently there are two channels available to Luna subscribers. The Ubisoft+ channel, which focuses on strictly Ubisoft games, and the Luna+ channel. The latter is where you’ll see these new games coming in April.


Ghostrunner comes to Amazon Luna in April via the Luna+ channel

Ghostrunner isn’t the only game being added to Luna in April. It is probably the most action-packed though. Thanks to its use of cyberpunk/science-fiction themes and fast-paced action-melee combat.

If you had a chance to check out the demo last year well before the game was released, you’ll know what we mean. During the demo, you’re introduced to a small bit of backstory along with the chaos. For the most part though you get a feel for what gameplay is like. Which is a blur of wall running, acrobatic jumps, and sword slashes strung together as you cut your way through enemies.

It’s certainly a tad bit gory. But if you like action titles and you don’t mind the use of blood and gore, definitely check this out once it drops.


Be prepared for two more game titles

In addition to Ghostrunner, there are two more games being added to the Luna+ channel. This includes Call Of The Sea, a first-person action puzzle game from Call of The Blue studios and Raw Fury, and then Narita Boy. A highly anticipated pixel graphic action adventure title from Studio Koba and Team 17.

Amazon doesn’t mention when exactly all these games will hit. Just that they will be coming to the platform in April. If you’re interested in checking any of them out, be sure to load up Luna sometime next month and see if they’re available.

If you don’t already have an Amazon Luna membership, starting one is easy. You can obtain free access through the more recent Fire TV devices. Or, you can opt to sign up for access, though Luna is in a closed beta still and signing up does not guarantee you will be invited in right away.