Alexa Can Now Properly Control Your Xbox Series X

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“Alexa, turn on my Xbox Series X.” That’s what you’ll sound like the next time you want to boot up the console and play Forza Horizon 4. Or whatever games you’re itching to play on the platform.

All of this will be made possible with the new official Alexa for Xbox app, which you can find on the Series X inside the Microsoft Store. You can also find it in the Microsoft Store on Windows PCs if you’re so inclined. Though since it’s for Xbox it’ll likely be of the most use on the console itself.

Amazon doesn’t appear to have officially announced the app’s arrival. Rather, it simply listed the application on the Microsoft Store and left things at that. And because the announcement has yet to be made, a lot of Xbox owners may miss it entirely.


The Alexa Xbox app isn’t available download on your Series X just yet

If you like the sound of Alexa handling the your Xbox features, don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. The app doesn’t seem to be available for download at the moment.

While it is listed in the store, you can’t actually install it. Which means Amazon may simply be preparing to make it available by listing it in the store early. Sort of like a pre-registration app for Android which is quite common and happens a lot.

The app is supposed to be rolling out this week, so that could be part of the reason why some people may not be able to download it yet. And if you fit in that category then you likely just have to wait for it to become available.


The app opens up more Alexa features

To be clear, Alexa has been supported on the Xbox platform for the last couple of years. So this new app isn’t enabling Alexa for the first time.

What it is doing is opening up the Xbox to more features of the voice assistant. Particularly the ones that are more accessible via a visual interface. Think Echo Show but with the capability to play the latest AAA video games in addition to controlling smart home products.

The app will also be free, so there’s no need to pay for anything. You’ll be able to install it on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as well as the Xbox One, One X, and One S. Once it arrives for you of course.