Zoom Rolls Out Automatic Closed Captions For Free Accounts This Fall

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Automatic closed captions on Zoom is currently available for users with paid subscriptions. The video conferencing app is trying to release this feature to all free accounts, according to an announcement on the company website.

Manual closed captioning is available to all users, but the automatic type is coming “in the fall of 2021.” The paid accounts at Zoom can use an AI-powered Live Transcription feature.

Releasing automatic closed captions for free accounts leads to more accessibility and helps Zoom position itself in the market. For now, Live Transcription is available in English, and it is likely to support more languages in the future.


The users who can’t wait until the release date and want to receive this feature sooner must fill this form. Users who suffer from hearing difficulties can opt for this feature, and maybe Zoom prioritizes them. Moreover, Activating might take time. So be patient.

The automatic closed captions are great, especially for people with hearing loss. But there’s a downgrade with that. People who can’t speak English fluently and just like a native may face problems using this feature.

Live Transcription is not smart enough yet to detect different accents. So you should speak with the utmost resemblance to an English native speaker so that the AI can translate your words.


Zoom wants to keep growing even after the pandemic

Zoom exploded in popularity during the pandemic, and now it is trying to add more features to keep its share even after the pandemic ends. Although Covid-19 vaccination has begun in some countries, it is not yet clear when employees will be able to return to the office without worries and as before. So we still need Zoom and similar apps.

Before the pandemic, few people heard about Zoom. Now, it has reached 300 million daily meeting participants, and it’s still adding new users. Other companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook released their video conferencing apps or added vide calling to their existing apps, but it was Zoom who could stay at the top of the charts.

Security breaches threaten Zoom

Following the unprecedented and huge growth, some experts were worried about the security of meetings at Zoom. These concerns were not unfounded, and soon after, hackers began selling zoom passwords on the Dark Web.


Zoombombers were another security problem that appeared on Zoon. Zoombombers are unwanted participants who can disrupt a meeting. Zoom released a security update to solve the issue.

Zoom has recently started to add new features like “Meeting Rooms” and “Livestream To YouTube” to retain users and keep them engaged.