YouTube TV For Android Will Soon Allow Users To Download Shows Offline

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Media streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, HBO, etc. allow users to download content for offline watching. Now, YouTube TV is also working on this new feature to allow its users to download shows offline.

Streaming services have now become our companions while traveling, or when we are stuck for long hours. Usually, people would download their favorite shows and watch them over when they find the time.

Almost all the popular streaming apps provide this feature. But for some reason, YouTube TV was missing out on this feature. Fortunately, Google is working on letting users download shows offline on YouTube TV.


Another good thing is Google is preparing this nifty feature for Android. As per a report by 9To5Google, a bunch of new strings has been spotted in the latest version of the YouTube TV app for Android.

These strings refer to this particular feature of offline downloading, which is not yet available. FYI, the new strings were found on the YouTube TV Android app version 5.06.2.

Moreover, the latest YouTube TV app also shows a system notification “Looking for incomplete downloads“. This alert is similar to the ones in the YouTube app and YouTube Music, which reminds the user of offline downloads.


Presumably, some restrictions on how long the content is available offline could be there

The alert itself confirms this feature is in the works. Though not online yet, the notification and the technical support included with the latest release hints the app may get this new feature soon.

Just like the YouTube app, there could be some restrictions on how long the content or show is available offline. Further, it is also not clear if everything could be downloaded or not.

YouTube TV will alert you if your internet connection is down or when you go offline. It will direct you to the downloads page from where you can watch everything that you have downloaded offline.


In order to download the show for offline watching, a download button should appear next to the show you are watching. The feature may very well be similar to the main YouTube client app.

Notably, this feature was spotted on the Android app. But we assume that iOS users would also pick up this new feature on the YouTube TV app at the same time. The latest YouTube TV version 5.06.2 is live via the Google Play Store.

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