YouTube Music Finally Gains A Basic Yet Desired Feature

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Using YouTube Music while casting to your favorite speaker just got better thanks to the ability to repeat songs. Repeating songs. It’s such a basic feature that any streaming service has offered since the dawn of time for streaming services.

Yet YouTube Music has never offered the repeat capability when casting to a speaker like the Nest Hub Max. Or any Cast-supported speaker for that matter. For whatever reason Google never enabled it. But that is apparently changing.

According to 9To5Google users have been pointing out that the feature now works. What isn’t necessarily clear is whether or not this is something that all users who have a Cast-compatible speaker have access to.


Repeat songs with YouTube Music while casting

If you have a Cast-enabled speaker laying around the house, plugged in or not, you can check to see fi the feature is available for you pretty easily.

All you have to do is open YouTube Music and start playing a song. Then cast it to the speaker you have. If the repeat feature is live for you then it won’t be gray and will instead be a bright white color. Unlike the shuffle feature which will still be gray because that feature still isn’t compatible when casting.

Though perhaps it’s on the way now. Even if it’s not, you can still use shuffle and repeat if you’re connecting your device to a speaker through Bluetooth. The only thing that doesn’t work yet is when connecting through Google’s Cast technology. So there’s still a way to use both with a wireless speaker as opposed to streaming through your phone speakers.

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Slowly but surely Google is adding more features

Aside from the recently live repeat feature, Google is adding more new features to the YouTube Music app. Though other basic features are still not quite there.

Some of those new features, like the grid-style layout for music in the app, started hitting users more widely back at the end of January. Google also recently simplified the process of starting a music radio station from songs you were currently playing.

With these new features going live, YouTube Music is slowly but surely becoming a full replacement for Google Play Music. Which Google started the process of shutting down last year. Like Google Play Music, YouTube Music is free, though you can subscribe to Premium for $9.99 a month, which gets you things like unlimited skips and no ads.