Xiaomi Suing The US Government Over Investment Ban

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Xiaomi is suing the US government over the investment ban. As some of you probably remember, the Trump administration (the US Department of Defense, to be more accurate) added Xiaomi to the military blacklist in mid-January. The new President came to the White House since then, and Xiaomi has decided to take action.

Xiaomi is suing the US Government, calling the investment ban “unconstitutional”

The company has called this move unconstitutional. This move essentially bans American investment in Xiaomi, and is forcing existing shareholders to divest their holdings in Xiaomi by November 2021.

Soon after that happened, Xiaomi issued an official statement, negating all affiliation with the Chinese military. Xiaomi also promised that it will take the appropriate course of action to pretest the interests of shareholders and the company as a whole.


Now, the company made that move, by suing the US Defense and Treasury departments. This information comes from Bloomberg. Xiaomi said that this ban will cause severe and irreparable damage if it comes to fruition.

Xiaomi says that it’s not affiliated with the Chinese government or military

In the official lawsuit claim, Xiaomi once again stressed out that it’s not controlled or affiliated with the Chinese government or military. It highlights that it makes products and services intended for civilian and commercial use.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the end. This ban may not stand after all, though it may take a while for it to go away. The court date is not set, nor anything of the sort, it will take time.


This ordeal will hurt Xiaomi if not something doesn’t happen, it will hurt the company a great deal. This move does remind us of what happened to Huawei, though it’s far from being the same thing at this point.

The ball is in the US Government’s court at this point. We’ll be waiting for more information to come to the surface, after which we’ll report back, as per usual. Don’t expect this to be settled quickly, even though anything is possible.