Xiaomi Will Be Able To Tell If Your Phone's Battery Is Swelling

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Xiaomi has submitted a rather interesting patent recently. This patent is for a feature, that will notify you when your Xiaomi phone’s battery is swelling. Needless to say, this would be a really useful feature.

New Xiaomi patent reveals tech that is able to tell if your phone’s battery is swelling

This information comes from MyDrivers, a Chinese publication. The patent itself was submitted last month, and it was titled “Battery Expansion Prompt Method and Device”. The inventor behind it is Luo Wenhui.

Why would this feature be useful? Well, at least some of you had an issue with a swollen battery in the past. When the battery is used for a long time, it can get swollen, and basically damage your device from the inside.


The same can happen with a newer, malfunctioning battery, of course. I’ve had that issue with the LG Nexus 4 back in the day, and it was unpleasant. Having a prompt, like the one Xiaomi is working on, would be immensely useful.

Such a feature will allow you to see the signs of battery swelling early on. That way, you can stop using the device, and either replace the battery, or get a new phone. Either way, your phone won’t get damaged.

This technology will look for abnormalities in the shape of the battery

This technology will look for any abnormalities in the shape of the battery itself. As soon as it notices that the battery is not in the original shape, in which it should be, it will notify you.


We’re not sure when will this technology get included in one of Xiaomi’s devices, though. The company will surely let us all know once that happens, as the technology itself is quite useful. Any tech that improves safety is a good thing, more or less.

Speaking of technology, the company is expected to announce three foldable smartphones in 2021. Xiaomi has not released a single foldable device thus far, so it will be interesting to see what will it have to offer.