This Xiaomi Mi MIX Concept Phone Is Both Foldable & Rollable

Xiaomi Mi MIX foldable rollable concept 1

A new Xiaomi Mi MIX concept smartphone has surfaced online, and this one is actually both foldable and rollable. The concept comes from Weibo, from an account called “Technology Circle”.

This futuristic Xiaomi Mi MIX concept phone is foldable & rollable

There are several images for you to check out in the gallery below. This concept may yet be quite unrealistic, but it’s also interesting. This phone is envisioned to both fold and scroll, and you can even see a hinge on its back.

From its expanded form, it rolls down to a compact form, and if you want it to get even smaller, it can also fold to an extremely narrow form. In its narrowest form, it reminds us of Essential’s unreleased, remote controller-looking smartphone.


Xiaomi Mi MIX foldable rollable concept 4

Having said that, this phone is also envisioned to have an under-display camera. Its bezels are quite minimal above and below the display, while side bezels are not present at all. The phone’s display actually wraps around the sides, towards the back.

There are several cameras included at the back of the device, and they are vertically-aligned. To be more accurate, you’ll find three such cameras on the back of this phone.

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This is one of the most interesting designs that I’ve personally seen this year, and ever, really. It would be interesting to see something like it out in the market, but it’s unlikely, at least not in the near future.

A new Mi MIX-branded smartphone is coming this year

A new Xiaomi Mi MIX phone is coming this year, though. Xiaomi’s executive confirmed it. We still don’t know if it’s going to be called the Mi MIX 4 or not, but it’s possible. The phone’s design is still a mystery.

Xiaomi still hasn’t released its foldable smartphone, so who knows, the upcoming Mi MIX device may end up being foldable. It’s also possible that Xiaomi will launch a completely new lineup for its foldables, so… we’ll see. More information will likely surface in the near future.