Waze Launches Integration For Audible On Android Devices

Waze AH NS 01 AH 2019

Waze has announced that the app will gain integration with Audible for both Android and iOS devices. As reported by Phone Arena, this joins the likes of Amazon Music and Google Assistant which already have integration to the app.

Waze has always been quick to add new innovations and updates the app over the last few months. It seems comfortable updating the app on a regular basis to ensure it stays relevant and as current as possible.

Back in September, a large update brought a whole range of new features to the app. These included lane guidance, trip suggestions as well as traffic notifications. All of which were designed up augment the user experience on the app.


Prior to this Waze began to support the direct sending of directions from the web to the app. This occurred in September as well and allowed users to integrate searches made prior to journeys on the web into the app seamlessly.

This new integration is hardly surprising given the aforementioned examples of Amazon Music and Google Assistant. Waze has a track record of bringing streaming services on board to integrate into its platform and this is just another example of this.

Waze adds Audible integration for its app

This integration means the Waze users can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, as well as more than 600,000 Audible Originals with ease.

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To start listening to Audible whilst on the Waze app, the process is simple. Just tap the music note icon then select Audible as their audio player will launch it on the app.

Audible members will also receive next turn directions from Waze inside the Audible app like other integrated apps. This innovation is very useful whilst driving to ensure you never miss a turn.

The current list of integrations that Waze offers includes Spotify, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music. You can select whichever audio player you wish if you have a subscription to more than one of these services.


The update to support Audible integration will begin rolling out from today. Android and iOS users should check the app for a new update in order to receive this integration straight away.

Overall this is another nifty innovation from Waze. With a growing list of integrations, the app has begun to support a lot of audio playing services. This makes using the app for navigation and consuming content that bit easier which many will find very helpful.