Verizon Elevating Super Bowl LV's Experience With Its 5G Network

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Verizon announced on February 1 that they will take Super Bowl LV to the next level. Thanks to 5G being built right Verizon elevating Super Bowl LV experiences for fans is easier than ever. Thanks to the still ongoing pandemic large gatherings are still limited. As a result, bringing people together safely is still a tall task.

Verizon knows this, and thanks to their 5G network they are looking to improve access to Super Bowl LV. Verizon’s goal is to make the Super Bowl LV experience accessible whether you are at the game or at home on your couch.

For the fans who are attending the Super Bowl in person in Tamp, in-stadium 5G will offer an immersive interactive experience. This experience will also create the first-ever 5G Stadium in Fortnite Creative. When the Super Bowl happens Verizon will bring all fans as closer to the game as possible thanks to 5G.


Verizon elevating Super Bowl LV’s experience makes the event even better

With the SuperStadium in the NFL, the mobile app will let iPhone 12 owners engage with seven different camera angles while in the stadium. For those iPhone 12 owners staying at home, they will have access to five angles, as well as project AR overlays of NFL’s Next Gen Stats.

But there is more. Verizon’s Watch Together is a free co-viewing experience in the Yahoo Sports mobile app. This will let fans watch the Super Bowl with their friends and family members on their phones. This means that even in a year where gathering together is dangerous you can still share the Super Bowl experience with your loved ones.

The fan-first experience extends to gamers as well. With the Verizon 5G Stadium in Fortnite Creative gamers will have the opportunity to interact with their favorite NFL players.


This is something that for many is impossible to do normally in person. In addition, the 5G Stadium is the largest activation ever built in Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

The activation of the stadium will feature four football-inspired games and a few hidden surprises for players. This also highlights how 5G benefits gaming. Thanks to low lag and high speeds made possible by Verizon’s 5G Ultra-Wideband network, this large activation is easily done.

Fans will be able to get closer to players thanks to Verizon’s fan experience

Starting today February 2 fans can even tune in to Twitch and @Verizon on Twitter to watch NFL players compete in a variety of games. Players fans can tune in to see include Tua Tagovailoa, Kyler Murray, Tarik Cohen, Saquon Barkley, Joey Bosa, Ryan Shazier, and pro gamers Myth and KittyPlays.


According to Verizon CMO Diego Scotti, “with 5G, we are beginning to see the transformation of various industries and the innovation that comes with it”. Getting back to the world’s live events seems like a far of a dream. But reimagining these live events is possible thanks to the power of 5G.

With over $80 million dollars invested Verizon enhanced its award-winning network to support the Super Bowl. Raymond James stadium and areas surround the stadium have 5G enhancements that include 70 miles of high-speed fiber.

Along with this an upgraded distributed antenna system (DAS), and 281 small cell antennas have also been added. These enhancements will provide coverage at events in and around the stadium. As well as Downtown Tampa, Ybor City, and the Tampa Riverwalk the coverage will cover multiple areas of Tampa.


Despite not being able to gather in person, Verizon is looking to make the experience as normal as possible. Verizon has been investing in their 5G network strongly for years. As a result, Verizon is perfectly suited to make the Super Bowl experience as special as it should be.