Ulefone Shows Off Armor 11 5G Night Vision Camera Performance

Ulefone Armor 11 5G Night Vision camera samples

The Ulefone Armor 11 5G is the company’s newest rugged smartphone, which comes with an interesting camera setup, including a dedicated ‘Night Vision’ camera. Well, the company has decided to show off its performance, in a new video.

In the video, the Armor 11 5G’s Night Vision camera is compared to the offerings from Xiaomi and Apple. To be more accurate, it’s compared to the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and iPhone 12. Both of those devices are considerably more expensive than the Armor 11 5G.

The Ulefone Armor 11 5G Night Vision camera samples shown by the company

You can see the comparison in the video embedded below. Before you do, though, do note that the Night Vision camera on the phone actually utilizes an infrared camera, so the images you get through it end up being black and white.


That is not something that many people would guess would happen, but it seems like this camera has been implemented that way. It kind of works like security cameras would in pitch black conditions.

This allows the phone to actually be able to see in the dark, kind of. You can see some camera samples from the phone in the provided video. In addition to low light camera samples, Ulefone is also showing some daylight samples.

In fact, the company stacks up daylight camera samples taken with the main sensor vs the Night Vision one. You can also check out some Night Vision video samples in the provided video.


This is an interesting approach by the company, especially considering this is a rugged smartphone. If those camera samples seem appealing to you, and you need a rugged phone, the Armor 11 5G may be a good choice for you.

This phone comes with 5G, large battery, and wireless charging

This smartphone is fueled by the MediaTek Dimensity 800 SoC, which supports 5G connectivity. It offers 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. The device also comes with a large battery, and it supports wireless charging.

The Ulefone Armor 11 5G is not yet available for purchase, but it will be soon. You can also participate in the company’s giveaway, as Ulefone is giving away five Armor 11 5G units.


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