Tips On How To Find The Best MicroSD For Your Android

Android microSD card

Do you get a ‘Storage Full’ notification on your phone? Are you looking for alternative storage options for your Android?

Whether you are a professional photographer, taking photos of your family, or building up your car stock photo database, a MicroSD memory card is the best option for you.

A micro-SD is a small removable flash memory card that stores information. It is used to expand memory storage in your smartphone. SD in the word stands for Secure Digital. An SD card is large and cannot fit a phone while a microSD is small and suitable for phones, as the name indicates it is Micro.


There are different types of microSD in the market, so it is important to note a few things before you buy one.

Here are some tips to help you find the Best Micro SD

1. Storage Capacity

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There are two types of microSD cards that can fit your size specification easily. The first type is a microSDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) and the size is from 2GB to 32GB. The second type is the microSDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) and the size is from 32GB to 2TB.

2. Compatibility

It is tempting to choose the largest size, however, you should check what size your device can support. Some smartphones do not have expandable memory storage. When buying a phone, look for smartphones with expandable memory. An example is the Samsung Galaxy S20 series which supports up to 128GB of memory.


3. Speed Classes

It is safe to assume that a higher speed will assure you of better performance. Smartphones support these three types of speed: UHS-1 Class 3, UHS-1 Class 1, and Class 10. UHS is also known as Ultra High Speed. Since speed and storage capacity is not related, SDHC and SDXC can be in any of the three classes. It is possible to get a microSD card with a large size but low performance, choose one that maximizes both. An easy way to read the speed of your microSD is through Mbps indicated on your card.

4. Usability


How you intend to use the MicroSD is a good question to ask yourself. A microSD card can be large and not fast enough or fast but not large enough. If you want a card to shoot a high-quality video on your phone, consider both size and speed as a priority.

5. Price

Try to find the best microSD within your budget. Most microSD cards are affordable and pocket-friendly. Remember, it is better to compromise on the cost than the quality of a product.



Always consider all the five points listed above to find the best microSD for yourself. Advantages of a microSD card are portability, increased storage, and reduced power consumption on your battery among many others. When you use a microSD card, you do not have to worry about space. So, if you want to download a car stock image, go ahead. You will be impressed by the results. You don’t have to delete old photos on your phone. Get yourself a microSD card with full confidence.