TikTok’s Eating Disorder Features Bring Awareness To Eating Disorders

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According to Engadet TikTok has added some new features to support those dealing with eating disorders. TikTok’s eating disorder features will introduce the displaying of support information and PSAs on certain pages along with hashtags.

The move comes after the social media platform teamed up with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) to provide support and resources. As a result, these resources and support look to help users on the platform who are dealing with eating disorders.

The new features help TikTok to mark National Eating Disorders Awareness week. These features encourage body inclusivity. For example, any user who searches for terms like “eating disorder”, “edrecovery” (eating disorder recovery), or “proana”(pro-anorexia) will see a special link. This link links users to support resources along with NEDA contact details.


TikTok is offering advice that it developed alongside experts on eating disorders. To clarify, the advice shows “how to identify negative self-talk, think about one’s own positive attributes and strengths. It will also advise others on how to support a friend who may be struggling with an eating disorder.

TikTok’s eating disorder features aim to shed light on eating disorders

The NEDA also gave TikTok its expertise and helped create public service announcements. These announcements appear on pages that contain certain hashtags. Hashtags like #whatieatinaday, #emotionaleatingtips, and more will display these announcements. As a result, these hashtags help bolster awareness and foster support for the recovery of those who suffer from eating disorders.

Also during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week TikTok’s Discovery page gives an explanation for this year’s edition. The theme is called Every Body Have a Seat at the table. Another is the Discovery Page gives information about warning signs.


The service encourages TikTok users to get involved in the conversation around eating disorders by using the hashtag #NEDAwareness.

Body positivity and eating disorders have been issues that need to be controlled across social media platforms. Social media gives toxic people the unfortunate ability to bully people which is wrong.

TikTok like other social media platforms has wrangled with this issue for years. As a result, the company has banned ads for fasting apps and weight loss supplements in September. The company even added stricter rules around users who promote negative or harmful body images.


Eating disorders are nothing to laugh at. They are serious health issues that affect millions of people around the world. It is good to see TikTok introducing resources to help those suffering from eating disorders.

If you know somebody who is suffering from an eating disorder, and you want to learn how to support them you can swing by the NEDA website for resources.