The Foldable Pixel Smartphone Might Be Coming This Year!

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Apparently, it looks like Google may unveil a foldable Pixel smartphone later this year, at its annual Made By Google event.

There was an internal Android document that surfaced last year, showing off a foldable name with the codename "passport" that was set to be released in 2021. Now we're hearing from a new report that Samsung Display is developing foldable OLED panels for Google, Xiaomi and OPPO.

This new report also mentions that the Pixel will have a 7.6-inch main display, like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has. But that's about it that this report details about a possible folding Pixel smartphone.


Google has been adding support for foldables into Android for the past couple of years, and there's even more optimization in Android 12 – which should be out before this foldable Pixel is announced. So it should come as no surprise that Google is working on a foldable Pixel.

Don't expect this Pixel foldable to be cheap

As we've seen with other foldables, they don't come cheap. Especially those that are sporting a rather large internal display. It sounds like the Pixel foldable will be similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. And not like a flip phone, a la the Galaxy Z Flip. And that Galaxy Z Fold 2 is priced at around $2,000. While Google may not price their foldable that high, don't expect it to be under $1,000.

Since we don't know a whole lot about the internals, Google could actually opt to go a bit mid-range on the specs. Putting in something like a Snapdragon 765G with 8GB of RAM. Instead of putting in the Snapdragon 888 5G with at least 12GB of RAM and other high-end internals. As a way to keep the price lower.

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Either way, we'll learn more later this year when Google is supposedly going to announce this foldable Pixel smartphone.