T-Mobile's New Magenta MAX Plan Is Insane!

01 T Mobile Logo SIM DG AH 2020

T-Mobile announced a new Magenta plan today, Magenta MAX. And it is truly insane. It’s 5G unthrottled, basically. But you are going to be paying for it.

The Magenta MAX plan does seem a little too good to be true, but let’s go over what it offers. With Magenta MAX you get the usual unlimited talk, text and data. Unlimited data is not throttled, ever. That’s Unlimited Premium Data, whereas the regular Magenta plan is capped at 100GB, and then you’re throttled afterwards.

You’re also getting 40GB of mobile hotspot, that’ll be great for when we can leave the house again. And perhaps the best feature of all, is unlimited 4K streaming video. So you won’t be capped at SD (not even HD quality). Single line plans get Netflix Basic, while family plans get Netflix Standard included.


Magenta MAX also provides unlimited in-flight internet and texting. With the same slow data speeds in over 200 countries. It’s supposedly 2x faster, but that’s still very slow.


So where’s the catch?

We’ve been looking for a catch here, and we haven’t been able to find one. Even with the pricing on Magenta MAX, it’s a pretty good deal. It’ll be $57/month per line on autopay for three lines or more. Single lines are $85 with autopay.


While it’s not mentioned in the table above, taxes and fees are still included on both Magenta and Magenta MAX plans. So you’re paying $57 per month and nothing more. And for a limited time, both plans are discounted by $10 per month. So Magenta is now $40 per line per month and Magenta MAX is $47 per line per month.

Even the regular Magenta plan got some upgrades, like bringing mobile hotspot up to 5GB from 3GB and premium data doubled from 50GB to 100GB.

Surprisingly, T-Mobile did not announce when this plan would be available, and it’s not yet available on their site. But we’d suspect it’ll be available in the coming weeks.