Stadia Is Now Pre-Installed On All New Chromebooks

Stadia 4

Those who love Stadia will now have a much easier time getting to their favorite games on the platform if they’re planning to buy new Chromebooks, because it will be pre-installed from here on out. Confirmed by Google back on February 9, via its official Made By Google Twitter account, all Chroembooks now come with Stadia pre-installed.

Which means there is one less barrier of entry to launching a game and streaming it to the laptop. Or in general. Once you have your new Chromebook and boot it up for the first time, all you’ll have to do is look for the Stadia icon in the app launcher. It’s really that simple.

Keeping that in mind, you will still need to set up a Stadia account if you don’t already have one. Or at the very least sign in with your existing account as the Chromebook probably won’t have you automatically signed in.


Stadia may be pre-installed on Chromebooks, but it’s still not available for the new Chromecast

Making Stadia easier to access on Google’s Chrome OS laptops is great. Wonderful even. And there’s nothing wrong with trying to make it easier for users to play games. But Google is still lacking in one specific area when it comes to Stadia.

The app is still not available on the new Chromecast with Google TV. A device that is similar in functionality to Android TV devices. As well as the Chromecast Ultra.

Unfortunately Google doesn’t have any new information about when the Chromecast with Google TV support will be available, all it has said is that at some point in 2021, users will be able to access it from the new device.

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This isn’t a proper Android version of the Stadia app

If you’re a seasoned Chromebook user then you’re likely already aware that many of the apps available are probably Progressive Web Apps.

While some are actual installable apps you get from the Play Store. The pre-installed version of Stadia on these laptops is not the latter. Which means what you’re accessing is a shortcut to the Stadia web page that you could just easily bookmark and save to the launcher.

Like you would save a shortcut to a Windows PC desktop. For the most part, there’s not a whole lot of difference. But it is worth pointing out so there’s no confusion. All that said, if you end up with a Chromebook in the future, Stadia will have its own PWA icon ready to go for you.