Spotify Launches 'Work From Anywhere' Program For Employees

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Spotify has committed to let its employees ‘work from anywhere’ as part of its new work from home program. As reported by Engadget this will give employees more flexibility in the long haul as to how they chose to work.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have undoubtedly transformed the way we work. Many of us have had to vacate the offices in favour of home working.

For many of us, this will be a temporary measure but many companies have committed to flexible working in the long haul. Google has said its employees can work from home into 2021 with provisions in place for the longer term.


Laptop and computer manufactures have also realised that this could be a more permanent state of affairs. Dell launched three new monitors in January, designed for home working as the company look to cater for a new demand.

The ‘work from anywhere’ that Spotify has launched will allow its employees to work pretty much wherever they like. It gives employees the choice as to how often they go into the office and how they want to work more broadly.

Spotify will allow its employees to work from anywhere

Spotify employees will have the choice to work anywhere with an internet connection under the new program. There are no commitments on attending the office and you do not even have to be close to one of its locations.

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If you are not then the company will set you up with a co-working space membership to help you work effectively. Spotify has described the plan as a “new way of collaborating that allows Spotifiers to work from wherever they do their best thinking and creating”.

The program is set to launch in the summer with employees getting the chance to speak to their manager. This will be to figure out what is the best solution for them.

There will be a few limitations on certain types of employees and the time zones you can work in. The company also says “regional entity laws” will be a factor in these decisions.


However, on the whole, this seems a really positive move from the company. It fits in with the changing culture around work and how many have adapted successfully to working away from the office.

As mentioned a number of large tech companies have adopted this strategy going forwards. It will be interesting to see how widespread flexible working arrangements will become.